Collaborating with Liz over the past year on our SEO, content marketing, and paid search campaigns was a highlight in our agency’s calendar. Liz’s approachable and enthusiastic nature made our teamwork fluid and highly productive.

Thanks to our collaborative approach, we managed to double organic traffic and significantly increase market share, a milestone that speaks volumes about the effectiveness of our joint efforts. Liz’s understanding of marketing strategy greatly contributed to this success. Her ability to apply incisive research and insights consistently added value across all aspects of our marketing work.

Handling complex tasks was a breeze with Liz as part of the team, and her knack for keeping projects moving forward was a key driver in our momentum. Even when faced with the inevitable hiccups from third-party platforms, Liz’s organization and resilience kept us on track.

I gladly recommend Liz for roles involving marketing strategy and brand management. She has the skill set and the right attitude to make a solid impact on any marketing team.