Welcome to Escape the Village, where strategic marketing meets the unique needs of small businesses like yours. Nestled in the heart of Wiltshire, we understand the pulse of rural life and the challenges faced by businesses in small villages or towns.

As a seasoned marketing consultants with a passion for horses, rural life and rural communities, Liz and the team have made it our mission to provide tailored support to small business owners struggling with their marketing efforts. Our offers page is designed with you in mind, offering practical solutions to elevate your brand, increase visibility, and drive results. Explore our offers below and take the first step toward unlocking the full potential of your business in the digital age.

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Offers for Rurally Based Businesses

In the hidden gems of rural villages lie businesses that are true treasures, often well-kept secrets waiting to be unveiled to the broader world. These enterprises, born out of the authenticity and craftsmanship inherent in rural life, have unique offerings that resonate with both locals and visitors alike. From quaint artisanal shops to cozy cafes with locally sourced delicacies, these businesses thrive on the charm of their surroundings and the genuine connections formed within the community.

Yet, their potential remains largely untapped by the wider audience. Sharing the stories of these businesses through digital platforms, showcasing their products or services, and highlighting the personal touch they bring to customers can be a transformative step. By unveiling these rural gems, we not only contribute to the growth of these businesses but also allow the world to experience the distinctiveness and warmth that defines rural entrepreneurship. It’s time to uncover and share these well-kept secrets, celebrating the richness that small villages in the UK have to offer to a global audience.

It is for these reasons and more that we love supporting rural businesses.

FREE FOCUS HOUR: We offer your first focus hour call completely free of charge. We are only able to offer you advice and our top tips on any aspect of your marketing during your call.

Offers for Veteran Owned Businesses

Liz our owner is a veteran herself as is her husband which means we understand the unique challenges of starting or growing a business after a life in our armed forces. Civilian life is very different but can offer a range of amazing benefits.

10% Discount: It is for this reason that Escape the Village is pleased to offer a 10% discount on our marketing audit services and your first Focus Hour!

Offers for Disabled Business Owners

As a disabled business owner herself Liz is passionate about supporting other people that may have disabilities that challenge them, their lives and maybe their career options. Liz went from ultra fit to wheelchair bound and her career as a professional horsewoman over with new challenges every day. These days she still uses a combination of crutches and scooters in partnership with a new view on life.

For many setting up and running their own business offers disabled business owners flexibility which can be tricky to obtain as an employee in many businesses. From flexible hours to remote working you can reach for the skies!

10% Discount: It is for this reason that Escape the Village offers disabled business owners 10% discount on our marketing audit services and your first Focus Hour!

Spring Offers: Available Until 31st May 2024

Ask us about our new Marketing Mentoring Club and how you can gain access at a discounted early bird price! When our new membership only service launches in May we will be offering a founding members price at only £25 a month instead of £49 a month!

To ensure you don’t miss out and to get access to this crazy low price make sure you join the waitlist now! You will be among the first o get access to our checklists, audits, training and guides, plus much more to support you and your business with your marketing. We will also be introducing a VIP club where you can get access to Liz on a one to one basis to ask her about your most challenging marketing issues each month!

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