Hi, hello and great to see you here! Here you can meet the herd (becoming world famous as we speak), discover more about Liz and Izzy, plus learn about some of our many partners, clients, awards, community groups and much more that we are proud to be associated with.

Meet The Herd!

Now we couldn’t have an About Us page without a Meet the Herd too! On more than a few occasions our lovely clients and brilliant strategy business partners ask after the herd rather than ourselves (of course), and in some cases even individual members by name, so let us introduce them to you here now. They even have their own social media in some cases! Anyway, who wants to see a boring About Us page, we certainly dont!

Your Normal About Us “Stuff”

Based in Wiltshire, our focus is on supporting small to medium-sized rural and local businesses to escape the village and share their services and products with the bigger audience they deserve! Although born in North London Liz moved with her family to Somerset when she was only four years old. Since then has had a life of horses, dogs, farms, far too many sheep and quite a few chickens!

Discover More

From memberships and customers to business awards and sponsorships discover more about our community.

Liz Graney – Our Founder

Liz is a sought-after trainer (a qualified FE tutor), consultant and highly respected national speaker. She comes from a background of over thirty years of business experience as a business owner and senior business manager but also has specialist experience in the service sector and in particular the hospitality, property, training and equestrian industries.

As a working mum with a teenage daughter and older sons, she is fully understanding of the challenges that most business owners discover within their first few years with a new business and beyond. As a veteran of our the British Army and also disabled with mobility challenges, she brings these as strengths which also allow her to connect with a vast range of businesses, individuals and customers.

Liz Graney sat on a wooden bench in front of a grass hill

Among her experiences contributing to her success and knowledge are –

  1. Was the owner/manager of a large country restaurant on the Surrey/West Sussex border
  2. Rode professionally, and had a string of over 20 horses which she competed, trained and bred (now only has 2 horses and 3 ponies though with her family – Meet the Herd above)
  3. Qualified as a business coach over 10 years ago, she has mentored and supported many small businesses across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey
  4. Has been involved in the events industry for over 15 years as a business owner and manager on a national and international basis. This was her first business and to this day uses the experience she gained from that time.
  5. Has local, regional, national and international business experience – meaning she has been there and can help you get there too
  6. Experienced sports club coach – bringing the experience of team building and motivation from sport to the business world
  7. Experienced lecturer and trainer in marketing and business for colleges, adult education and direct provision
  8. Has been recognised in business awards at regional and national levels for her business skills, business support and business development, as well as overcoming personal challenges when she was seriously ill to become the success she is today. She has also been in a number of teams that have achieved awards regionally and nationally!
  9. Speaker at the national TechPixies Festival of Inspiration and the national Mumpreneurs Business Awards as well as being shortlisted for two categories at the Mumpreneurs in the past!
  10. Experience working with B2B and B2C businesses, as well as the charities and not-for-profit sectors
  11. Has been a trustee and treasurer for her local Riding for the Disabled group while in Southampton
  12. Built a marketing department from scratch into an industry leader in four years and is MCIM with the Chartered Institute of Marketing!

Izzy Graney – Executive Assistant

Izzy is currently at college but is also involved in all areas of the business, from sponsored events and helping with clients to answering enquiries and account management.

She has extensive experience in the equestrian, agricultural, automotive and aviation industries which she brings with her to Escape the Village. Her unique experience in the automotive, autosport and aviation industries in particular is a real asset to the business and allows us to support an extended range of businesses! Just don’t start a conversation with her about Formula 1 as you may never escape!

Izzy Volunteering

Whether you are self-employed and do your own marketing, have a marketing assistant or apprentice, or even a small team in-house, having access to a knowledgeable and experienced marketing consultant can help to propel your marketing campaigns to a higher level! Liz has the experience, skills and knowledge to make everything about your business’s marketing take off!

Don’t just take our word for it but see what some of our many testimonials have to say about Liz and her support. Why not reach out to us today and discover how we can help you! Book an appointment today to discuss your marketing and how we can help! Let’s grow your business together and achieve your goals. Alternatively, you can email us or visit our Contact Us page, and we can arrange a callback.