We recommend all new clients as part of their onboarding take advantage of a range of our audits. This enables us to assess where your business currently is in its marketing marketing journey and enables us to create an action plan. We also recommend that our established clients have regular competitor analysis and marketing reviews at least annually but in some cases every six months if their business is seasonal or rapidly growing.

What are Marketing Audits?

A comprehensive audit of one area of your marketing activity or your entire marketing processes is an essential starting point to improving your marketing and business as a whole. A detailed investigation where we examine each aspect of your marketing ensures you aren’t missing any opportunities and everything is working as it should. During this process, we explore all the amazing things you are doing right already and all the ways you could improve your marketing too.

An internal marketing audit helps to identify both strengths and weaknesses within an organisation’s current marketing efforts. By assessing internal factors such as resources, capabilities, and performance metrics, marketers can uncover areas where they excel (strengths) and areas that need improvement (weaknesses). This analysis is crucial for developing strategies to leverage strengths and address weaknesses effectively. While the identification of opportunities and threats is typically associated with an external analysis, marketers may also consider these factors as part of a comprehensive audit. However, the primary focus of an internal audit is on evaluating internal factors to improve marketing effectiveness and you should remember this isn’t a full business SWOT or TOWS analysis.

Marketing Audits: The Options Available

  • Marketing Foundations Audit
  • Brand Reputation & Reviews Management Audit
  • Website Audit
  • E-Commerce Audit
  • SEO Audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
First Steps to Marketing Audits - areas of marketing image

Why Should You Consider a Marketing Audit?

A marketing audit ensures that you aren’t wasting precious time or money on activities that could be working better for you. In many cases we discover lots of quick wins that you can easily take advantage of. Have you heard of the saying you can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results? If you know that something isn’t quite right or you think you could be doing something better then the chances are you are right!

A marketing audit is a cost-effective way of checking that you have everything in place, that it is optimised and working as efficiently as possible and you aren’t missing out on some quick wins! Plus all these extra benefits

  • Each individual platform is checked and cross-referenced against our optimisation checklists
  • Even where some aspects have been completed we may be able to suggest improvements
  • Fill in the gaps in your profile
  • Examine whether your content is optimised for each individual platform
  • Discover quick wins that could make all the difference to your reach and engagement
  • Are you taking advantage of the latest features?

What Next? Your Action Plan!

Once we have completed your audit we will prepare a report for you detailing our findings alongside suggestions to optimise and improve each area of your marketing. At this stage you can either implement the action plan yourself with our guidance or we can include it in one of our marketing management packages and provide you with a done for you service!

If you have questions about how we can potentially support you and your business reach out today and speak to us about our marketing audits, strategic action plans and marketing management services. we can help you optimise your personal LinkedIn profile or your business page and even create a content plan too!