Our Business Name

You may have wondered about our business name and its origins, we chose the name partly as it is a talking point but also beyond that there is a story behind it too! Our family have lived in villages or on farms for a great number of years. In our small village, we know a lot of people and they know us, so if one of us goes into the village shop we are known by name.

If however we were to go into the town about five miles away or city to do our shopping we are now unknown and almost invisible. Well, businesses and brand awareness are very similar. Business owners and their businesses tend to be well known by their immediate circle – friends, family and current customers. Breaking out with greater reach to new customers is a similar thing. We have just started volunteering with a charity and they are very well known in military and air show circles but not outside of their own “village”!

Our Mission Statement

We provide rural businesses with marketing strategy support, and a virtual marketing department to help them fly! We aim to enable businesses in rural locations to reach new audiences and reach their business goals with digital marketing. Everyone can escape the village with a little love and support!

Our Vision Statement

By supporting others to grow in turn we will grow ourselves

Our Values

  1. Rural Life – so much to offer and so much to share
  2. Community – by supporting each other we can all achieve more
  3. Genuine – when you are true to yourself, you not only trust the judgements and decisions that you make, but others trust you as well
  4. Empowering – valuing our customers and team by providing them with the information and tools they need to achieve their goals
  5. Courage – the courage to overcome challenges and adversity