November Awareness Calendar

In the fast-paced world of small business marketing, staying relevant and connecting with your audience is key to success. One effective strategy that can help you achieve this is leveraging awareness days. Awareness days, or “special days” dedicated to various causes and themes, can be a powerful tool to engage your audience, raise brand awareness, and boost your sales. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the November awareness days that you can use in your marketing for your small business marketing efforts.

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November Awareness Days

Business, Marketing & Finance Awareness Days

  • Nov 1st Purple Tuesday
  • Nov 1st Extra Mile Day
  • Nov 10th World Quality Day
  • Nov 21st National Entrepreneurs Day
  • Nov 23rd National Freelancers Day
  • Nov 24th Black Friday
  • Nov 25th Small Business Saturday

Technology Awareness Days

  • Nov 7th Science Week Ireland
  • Nov 10th World Science Day for Peace and Development
  • Nov 17th International Students Day
  • Nov 30th Cyber Security Day

Nature Awareness Days

  • Nov 22nd Oceans of Plastic 2023

Health Awareness Days

  • Nov 1st National Stress Day
  • Nov 6th National Stress Awareness Day
  • Nov 12th World Pneumonia Day
  • Nov 14th World Diabetes Day
  • Nov 17th World Prematurity Day
  • Nov 18th World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Food & Drink Awareness Days

  • Nov 1st National Cinnamon Day
  • Nov 1st World Vegan Day
  • Nov 3rd National Sandwich Day
  • Nov 7th International Stout Day
  • Nov 9th National Pudding Day
  • Nov 17th Homemade Bread Day
  • Nov 21st National Gingerbread Day ( This is a particular favourite of Liz’s, anything for some ginger!)

Other Awareness Days

  • Nov 4th Use Your Common Sense Day
  • Nov 8th Tongue Twister Day
  • Nov 11th Remembrance Day
  • Nov 13th World Kindness Day
  • Nov 13th Odd Socks Day
  • Nov 19th International Mens Day
  • Nov 23rd Thanksgiving

Depending upon your business, industry or interests you may be able to embrace one or two awareness days each month. It is important though to not go overboard and adopt every available awareness day. Of course some months will naturally be busier than others but this list of November awareness days should provide you with some inspiration for content, marketing and hastags which you can use this month.

Next Steps with Your November Awareness Days!

Remember to bookmark this page for future reference, plus possible additions, and also keep your eyes open for the December awareness days list which will be available soon. If you are looking for a little extra support using these awareness days then reach out and let’s have a virtual coffee!

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