What could free membership to the Marketing Mentoring Club mean for you?

Do you run a charity that struggles with its marketing?

Do you volunteer at a local charity that would benefit from support with its marketing?

Maybe you or your charity has considered getting some help and support before but just cant spare the funds and why should you when every single penny you raise should go and really needs to go to the charity itself and the amazing things you do! You probably know you would benefit from more social media, PR or simply knowing what is possible and what you could try, but you just dont know where to begin!

Well when we decided to create and launch the Marketing Mentoring Club we also decided that we wanted to make sure that charities had free access to it! it only costs businesses owners £15/$19 a month, but even that small amount can make a difference for a small charity or a local charity trying to get more exposure. It was a really easy decision for us to make and it is just a little way that we are trying to give back and help those that need our help most!

Inside the marketing mentoring club with a screen capture of the community area

The Benefits of the Marketing Mentoring Club

  • Exclusive, dedicated learning platform with lots of courses, mini courses and the influence to ask for new courses on topics you are struggling with
  • Supportive community which isnt on Facebook, so no distractions, and not worrying about social media crashes!
  • Lots of marketing and social media tips that are actionable and low cost or no cost to implement
  • Access at any time from your laptop or mobile phone with its own app available on Apple or Android
  • Accountability and peer support with other like minded business owners
  • No daily or weekly emails cluttering up your inbox
  • Exclusive competitions, rewards and prizes
  • Exciting leaderboards, mean friendly competition and motivation to keep learning!
  • Able to access and ask a qualified, experienced and knowledgable marketing expert about your challenges!
a preview of some of the courses in the marketing mentoring club

Free Membership

If you would like free membership or know someone that would then get in touch today yourself or tell them to reach out. We can give you a free membership that bypasses the monthly subscription and will stay free for life. As all of the courses and resources grow you will continue to have access and be able to benefit from having your own personal marketing team along with templates, resources and much more. This is worth hundreds of pounds with in its own right, but you also get access to Liz our founder, can potentially win one to one consultancy support too in our regular competitions and challenges too which could be worth thousands of pounds to you and your organisation!