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A hit and miss strategy with marketing is how most businesses start out. However in order to achieve success with your marketing you need to first know where you are, where you want to go and the first steps to get you on the correct road to success with your marketing. Just throwing out some social media or the odd blog post without any strategy or establishing the essential resources and tools first can in many cases case you to go backs rather than take those first steps forwards.

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The Importance of Initial Audits

To make sure the businesses we work with have all of the essential marketing foundations in place first we conduct a number of audits with new clients. Depending on the size of the business and what they are already doing these will include some or all of the following:

  • Foundations Audit – do you have an image library? What tools, systems and processes do you use? Etc
  • Brand Reputation Audit – what are people saying about your business? Do you know what your online reviews are like on independent platforms like Google or Trustpilot?
  • Website & SEO Audit – Is you website mobile friendly? Is content optimised and user friendly for both search engines and your target audience? Etc
  • Social Media Audit – Is each profile optimised and complete with profile images and descriptions, etc? Are you even on the most suitable platforms for your business? etc.
  • Competitor Analysis – Who are your competitors? what are they doing? What can you learn from them and are they even copying you too?

First Steps After Audits

Each of these first steps enables us to assess our starting point and in many cases they can lead to many quick wins to get things off the starting blocks. From these initial audits, we are able to create an action plan and develop a marketing strategy for your business to build your reach, engagement and following!

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She is also a qualified and experienced business and life coach with a passion for supporting small business owners. In addition to all of this she is an experienced and qualified further education lecturer, having taught face to face courses and workshops across England, as well as a range of online courses in a range of business and marketing topics .